Policy on Procurement

We conduct fair, impartial and transparent procurement with high ethical standards to provide safe, high-quality products and services based on LOTTE Group Philosophy and promote procurement to fulfill our social responsibilities with our business partners.

  1. Ensuring compliance

    We conduct fair and transparent procurement while respecting the social norms of all countries concerned and complying with the purchasing-related laws and regulations.

  2. Securing high quality and safety

    We conduct procurement that secure high quality and safety so that our products and services are trusted and our customers feel safe and secure.

  3. Evaluating and selecting our business partners in a fair manner

    We always provide fair business opportunities and comprehensively evaluate quality, price, delivery time, stable supply, technology, and management stability when we select our business partners.

  4. Consideration for human rights and work environment

    We respect human rights and promote procurement considering the work environment while avoiding any complicity in the violation of human rights in the supply chain.

  5. Consideration for environmental issues

    We ascertain the environmental impact of our business operations and promote procurement considering environment.