Policy on Quality・Policy on Food Safety

Policy on Quality

We enrich people’s lives in the world by providing safe, high-quality products and services.

  1. Seeing things from the customers’ point of view

    We always see things from the customers’ point of view and provide products and services that satisfy our customers.

  2. Giving first priority to producing safe products

    We control our products based on the international food safety management system to provide safe products and services.

  3. Complying with laws and regulations

    We comply with applicable laws and regulations to provide products and services that our customers trust.

  4. Producing superior products

    We are conducting surveys and research as thoroughly as possible to provide high-quality and original products and services.

  5. Providing accurate information

    We appropriately provide accurate information to our customers so that they trust us and feel safe.

Policy on Food Safety

We continue to produce products based on LOTTE Group Philosophy and Policy on Quality to provide safe products to our customers.

  1. We produce products by setting food safety objectives based on the food safety management system and continue to make improvements.

  2. We comply with applicable laws and regulations.

  3. We make effort to improve quality of our products by paying full attention to the requests of our customers and cooperating with relevant organizations.

  4. We produce safe products together with our business partners by obtaining their understanding of our way of thinking.

  5. We keep all employees informed of the importance of food safety and promote efforts for food safety.