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Smile to Smile Project Smile to Smile Project


What kind of smiles did you see today?
Whether it’s howling laughter or an awkward smile,
each day is full of moments that make us smile.

LOTTE XYLITOL, a product that set out to rid the world of cavities and fill peoples’ mouths with smiles,
is teaming up with BTS, a group whose music continues to spread smiles across the world.
Together we’ve started the Smile to Smile Project with the goal of celebrating the smiles that brighten our daily lives.

Because one smile leads to another, and a world with more smiles means a world with more hope.

The Smile to Smile Project is based
on the idea that with a single smile,
we can contribute to our own well-being,
while simultaneously bringing a smile to others,
eventually spreading smiles
across the entire world.
As a globe-spanning* project
that includes the participation
the Smile to Smile Project is intended to start
in Japan and continue on to
Vietnam, Indonesia, Thailand, Taiwan,
the United States of America, and Canada.
*Dates and details are subject to change depending on country.

The world is still facing uncertain
times and a future that remains unclear.
BTS has continued to encourage and bring smiles
to youths around the world
even during these difficult days.
LOTTE XYLITOL sympathizes with these efforts and is providing smiles
to the world while communicating the power of
XYLITOL to a wider audience.

BTS made their debut in 2013. After sweeping the South Korean awards for new artists, the group has grown into an exceptional boy band that has truly come to represent South Korea. The band continues to hit record breaking figures on major music charts worldwide. At the 63rd Grammy Awards, BTS became the first South Korean group to be nominated for best pop duo/group performance, as well as the first to put on their own live performance at the event.
The group has become a global sensation, and their popularity has grown worldwide.