LOTTE Group Way

LOTTE Group Way-1

(1) We provide products and services that satisfy our customers' requirements.
(2) We ensure that appropriate sanitation and quality control systems are in place.
(3) We pay proper attention to the safety of our products in all processes from research & development, procurement, production, distribution and sales to recycling.

LOTTE Group Way-2

(1) We comply with all laws and regulations in our business activities.
(2) We conduct our business in a fair and transparent way.
(3) We conduct our business activities in accordance with high ethical standards.

LOTTE Group Way-3

(1) We strive to always put our customers first and actively provide appropriate information relating to our products and services.
(2) We are in touch with society as a whole and provide essential information in a timely manner.

LOTTE Group Way-4

(1) We place great importance on our employees' diversity, personality and individuality.
(2) We strive to create a safe and pleasant working environment.

LOTTE Group Way-5

(1) We conduct our business activities while considering environmental problems from a global perspective.
(2) We strive to reduce our burden on the environment and promote environmental conservation.

LOTTE Group Way-6

(1) We recognize our responsibility to be a good corporate citizen and actively contribute to society in a spirit of social service.
(2) We continue to interact closely with society through our business activities and contribute to the development of society.

LOTTE Group Way-7

We comply with international rules and local laws, respect local cultures and customs, and contribute to the development of local countries and regions.

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