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Message from the President

President / Representative Director Eiichi Gochou
President / Representative Director
Eiichi Gochou
Realizing a Sustainable Planet and Society through
“LOTTE-novation”-Fueled Initiatives

Our mission is “We enrich people’s lives by providing superior products and services that our customers love and trust.” This mission was originally designed in the postwar period, a time when goods were scarce and found to be poor quality. It encapsulates the strong conviction of our company founder, that by producing better goods we could enrich people’s lives and society.
As an extension of this same conviction, and to fully realize our mission, we uphold three important LOTTE Values—“User Oriented,” “Originality,” and “Quality”— which have come to permeate all of our business activities. This has created a challenging and innovative spirit that creates new value and continues to make proposals to customers and society in ways that no one has ever done. As an example, Xylitol Gum, launched in 1997, went against conventional wisdom that snacks and candies cause cavities. In fact, we were able to provide new value in the form of chewing gum that maintains tooth health, and help address the issue of dental cavities as a social issue. In essence, our initiatives follow a creating shared value (CSV) approach in that they are aimed at resolving social issues while also creating financial value.
On the other hand, there are serious issues facing today’s society, not limited to climate change, resource depletion, child labor, and overwork. Our business relies on agricultural raw materials such as cacao beans, palm oil, and paper, so changes in ecosystems are a direct risk to the survival of our business. Furthermore, it will become difficult for us to create new value and therefore achieve sustainable growth if we are unable to maintain a work environment where a variety of human resources can actively demonstrate their abilities.
As such, I believe that contributing to the sustainability of the planet and society through our business activities is a crucial matter going forward. To clarify this statement, we established our Medium-Term ESG Targets in November 2018. We have set ambitious targets within five themes: Food Safety and Security, Food and Health, Environment, Sustainable Procurement, and Demonstrating Employees’ Abilities, in order to contribute to the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
For instance, one target directly applicable to the food industry is reducing food loss and waste. The SDGs aim to reduce half of food loss and waste by 2030, but we have set out to achieve this goal by 2028, two years ahead of schedule. These ambitious targets are difficult to achieve through conventional methods, and as we have done before I expect challenging and innovative efforts continuously.
This will serve to strengthen LOTTE’s unique spirit, and it is this attitude of continuing to create new value and addressing issues in contemporary society that we call “LOTTE-novation.” As we go forward, we will continue to work alongside all of our stakeholders toward realizing a sustainable planet and society through “LOTTE-novation”-fueled initiatives. We ask for your continued support as we undertake this process.

Eiichi Gochou

Representative Director