Lotte has exceeded the bounds of a general confectionery manufacturer to become a total lifestyle company by having businesses in a diverse range of areas making it a large and vibrant company.

LOTTE Co., Ltd. is at the center of the Group which achieves dynamic business development through mutual links among the Group companies active in a wide range of business areas, such as Lotte Shoji, which has a powerful sales network, Lotteria in fast foods, and Lotte Ice Cream in ice cream.
Quality Lotte personnel are active in each of these business fields.

To expand the dream of deliciousness & fun around the globe, LOTTE has expanded its business to various countries, such as USA, Thai and South Korea which LOTTE group not only operates in foodstuff but also in hotels, construction and professional baseball and so on.

Names of Group Companies Founded Description of Business  
Lotte Holdings Co., Ltd. April 2007 Group management strategy proposals and management & administration
Names of Group Companies Founded Description of Business  
Lotte CO., LTD. June 1948 Production of sweets, ice cream, etc. Operation of golf courses. Hotel management.
Lotte Shoji CO., LTD. December 1959 Sale of sweets, beverages, etc.
Midori Shoji CO., LTD. December 1967 Sale of sweets, beverages, smoking goods, sundries, etc.
Lotte Ice Cream CO., LTD. March 1972 Production and sale of ice cream, dairy products, sweets, frozen foods, etc.
Mary Chocolate Co., Ltd. October 1950 Production and sale of chocolate and other gift sweets

Names of Group Companies Founded Description of Business  
Chiba Lotte Marines Co., Ltd. January 1971 Baseball team ownership
(Japan Series Champions, 1974, 2005)

Names of Group Companies Founded Description of Business  
Lotteria Co., Ltd. February 1972 Fast food restaurant chain ownership
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts Japan Co., Ltd. June 2006 Production and sale of doughnuts
Ginza Cozy Corner Co., Ltd. January 1948 Production and sale of Western sweets, ownership of restaurants and coffee shops

Names of Group Companies Founded Description of Business  
Lotte Real Estate Co., Ltd. August 1961 Real estate related operations, casualty & life insurance agent, Kasai Golf Practice Range
Lotte Bussan Co., Ltd. July 1968 Trading operations (sweets, agricultural and fisheries products, health foods, other foods, machinery, sundries, packaging materials, petrochemical products, etc.)
Family Co., Ltd. October 1968 Magazine publishing
(Public relations magazine “Shall we Lotte”)
Lotte Service Co., Ltd. June 1987 Manufacture, maintenance, and servicing of a wide range of equipment and fixtures
Lotte Green Service Co., Ltd. November 2006 Green rental, lease sales